Saturday, August 23, 2008

Seniors! American Govt. Class

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  1. Seniors, Choose a news story from this widget to comment on. Reference it in your response.

  2. Oil falls 5.4 percent in biggest drop since 2004. (Reuters)
    Last Friday, oil prices dropped 5.4 percent due to high supply and low demand; the biggest drop since 2004. The drop added onto the price drop by more than 20 percent since July. The holiday travels on Labor Day is expected to decrease because of gas prices and airfares.

    “Russia said this week it would respond with more than just a diplomatic protest to a U.S. deal with Poland to station parts of a U.S. missile defense shield on Polish soil.” Russia, the worlds second biggest oil producer, wont respond kindly to the missile defense that U.S. is dealing with Poland. Russia may increase oil prices.

  3. Reuters writer Bernie Woodall reported, for the first time ever a mass hydrogen car trip from Portland, Maine, to Los Angeles was completed. It took 13 days. Although a huge step towards eco friendly automobiles, there is still a lot of work to be done. There were times in the car trip were the hydrogen cars had to be towed on flatbed trucks, due to the extreme lack of hydrogen fueling stations. There are only 60hydrogen stations in America. On goal of the car trip was to open more hydrogen stations, witch might be realized sooner rather than later in big cities; Los Angeles, Washington, D.C, New York, and are very own San Francisco.

    Even though more hydrogen stations are set to be opened, the National Research Council thinks that only 2 million hydrogen powered cars will be sold. “Even in a best-case scenario, automakers will only sell about 2 million electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells by 2020, a study by the National Research Council found.” That will not be nearly enough, if we are to change the future of transportation we are going to have to better than a mere 2 million.

  4. This past Saturday, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama announced his newly appointed vice presidential candidate, Delaware Senator Joseph Biden. They made their first appearance together on the same day in Springfield, Illinois, the same spot where Obama earlier in the year announced his bid for the presidency. Obama talked very positively about his VP candidate, saying, “He is that rare mix – for decades, he has brought change to Washington, but Washington hasn’t changed him. He’s an expert on foreign policy whose heart and values are rooted firmly in the middle class.” Biden is known for being a long-time Senator for Delaware, having a great deal of knowledge regarding foreign affairs, and being the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Biden believed that, in response to John McCain, “The times required more than a good soldier, they require a wise leader.” Having Biden on Obama’s ticket can help them win some blue-collared votes. “The choice of Biden, who was first elected to the Senate in 1972, indicates Obama was more interested in filling gaps in his foreign policy experience that in finding someone who could reinforce this message of bringing change to Washington.” Senator Hillary Clinton thought that Biden was “an exceptionally strong, experienced leader and devoted public servant.” Biden supported a resolution in 2002 that permitted the invasion of Iraq after not being able to pass a different resolution that would have allowed military response after diplomatic efforts had been worn out. Recently, the McCain campaign launched a commercial on TV mentioning how Biden earlier thought Obama was not ready to be president and how Biden supported McCain. When Obama will accept the Democratic nomination for President this Thursday, he will be making history as the first African-American candidate. Biden is often viewed as down-to-earth, while on the other hand Obama is often portrayed as a celebrity.

    Bohan, Caren. “Obama and Biden team makes public debut”. 23 Aug. 2008. 25 Aug. 2008.

  5. "In picking Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate, Barack Obama sought to shore up his weakness — inexperience in office and on foreign policy — rather than underscore his strength as a new-generation candidate defying political conventions."

    Obama's decision to pick running mate Sen. Joe Biden stirred up controversy. It was said his choice showed his weakness and inexperience in office. "I searched for a leader who is ready to step in and be president," said Obama, a transformational political figure who nonetheless faces criticism about whether he has enough experience to be president." Obama picked a veteran of the senate to keep McCain on his toes. People think Obama may be worried he can't beat McCain so he needed a seasoned politician. Choosing Biden also threaten to run counter of Obama's image. Nonetheless, Obama is confident in his decision of choosing Joe Biden.

  6. Biden as Obama’s New Partner

    The article I chose to summarize is "Obama Introduces Biden as Running Mate" from CNN. In Springfield, Illinois, on August 23, 2008, Barack Obama finally introduced Senator Joe Biden as his choice of vice president. "For months, I've searched for a leader to finish this journey alongside me and join me in making Washington work for the American people. I searched for a leader who understood the rising costs confronting working people and will always put their dreams first. Today, I've come back to Springfield to tell you I've found that leader," Obama said.
    The rally where this statement was made was their first appearance together since early that Saturday morning, when a text was sent out to Obama's supporters letting them know who he had chosen. Obama made supporters realize the hardships Biden had overcome in his life, such as a car wreck that lead to the death of his first wife and baby daughter and a brain aneurysm he had in 1988. "That's the kind of fighter I want by my side in the months and years to come," stated Obama. Biden has had decades of experience as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which could help balance out Obama's lack of experience in that department. This is Biden's sixth term as Delaware's senator, the longest serving senator they've ever had. He seems to have a lot of experience and dedication and it seems that he will be a great help to Obama if they win the 2008 election.

    My View of the Government

    The United States Government does many things to benefit their people but some things I personally don’t agree with. I don’t believe the United States should be in war with any countries because I don’t believe in violence. It is also costing us an insane amount of money that we don’t have to spend and the lives of many innocent people from our country and the countries we are participating in war with. Another thing I don’t appreciate is the rising gas prices. I worked for the past two summers and it is bad enough that the government takes out tax money from my already small paychecks. I also believe heath insurance should be free. I think the government should provide it to everyone as long as they are making an effort to maintain a job and contribute to the community. They should make exceptions for people who have disabilities or any type of illness who cannot work because they can’t get a job. Those are just some of my thoughts I have about the U.S. Government.

  7. Ahmed Rasheed of has reported that the United States and Iraq have made an agreement that will have all U.S. troops leave Iraq by the end of 2011. As you may know, the U.S. has been in Iraq for quite some time now and it will be a sign of relief for some people to know that there is going to be an end to this chaos in the near future. Although Washington D.C. hasn't confirmed this, it has been confirmed by the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki.

    "There is an agreement actually reached, reached between the two parties on a fixed date, which is the end of 2011, to end any foreign presence on Iraqi soil." Maliki made an explicit statement that the Iraqi government expects the U.S. presence to end in three years as part of a deal between Washington and Baghdad.


  8. Impression of Government:
    The Government in the United States has a lot of negative aspects. There are a few that stand out to me. I think the gas prices are ridicules, most people I know spend their whole pay check on just gas. The gas prices also affect other things such as food prices and airline tickets. I also believe that the United States involvement in the war is a waste of time and mainly a waste of money. We could be using that money for health care which is more important.

    News Article:
    "Obama and Biden team makes public debut" (Reuters)

    In Springfield, Illinois Barack Obama announced his running mate Joseph Biden. Obama said Biden "won't just make a good vice president, he will make a great vice president." Obama has very positive things to say about Biden and is happy to be working with him. Obama and Biden are both very knowledgeable although are stronger in different areas. They put their knowledge of things together which makes them a much stronger team. "This man is a clear-eyed pragmatist who will get the job done," Biden said of Obama. Biden and Obama both speak positively about each other and have a positive outlook.
    Biden can help Obama connect with blue-collar voters since he is originally from the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Biden has foreign policy expertise as wells as strong working class roots. Obama chose Biden because he felt Biden could reinforce his message of bring change to Washington.
    Although Hillary Clinton was beaten by Obama she described Biden as "an exceptionally strong, experienced leader and devoted public servant." "Senator Biden will be a purposeful and dynamic vice president who will help Senator Obama both win the presidency and govern this great country," she said.
    Obama's opponent, McCain has yet to name a running mate. Obama will be the first black in history to accept his party's nomination as its presidential candidate on Thursday.

  9. Class News, VP Assignment
    Obama has chosen Biden to be his running mate. The positives behind his choice of Biden is his experience, filling a preceived gap in Obama. Biden is viewed as blue collar rather than a rich political insider. This will make the ticket more approachable to the working class. Biden will also help with the Roman Catholic swing vote. The downside of Biden is that he can say things off the cuff that can cause embarrassment to the ticket. The flip side of this is that he is a strong extemporaneous speaker (one of Obama's weaknesses) and will make a good attack dog for going after McCain.

  10. U.S. Agrees to Withdraw Troops

    The U.S. has agreed to withdraw all troops by the end of 2011. The agreement it to "end any foriegn presence on Iraq soil"(Reuters). Troops are expected to leave within three years but they are allowed to stay this year. Iraq wants troops to stop patrolling Iraq towns and have all combat troops leave by 2011. There is still no confirmed deadline when exactly the troops will leave. There is a draft agreement circulating between political leaders and needs approval before anything can be done. Prime Minister Maliki says, "We will not accept to put the lives of our sons on the line by guaranteeing absolute immunity for anybody, whether Iraqis or foreigners...The sanctity of Iraqi blood should be respected"(Reuters). Brarack Obama wants troops to withdraaw by mid-2010. Obama also says that, "Success in Irq depends on an Iraqi governement that is reconciling its diferences and taking responsibility for its future." Washington shouldn't push Iraq too much because Iraq is very agressive. Washington should try to get troops out as soon as possible to save lives and stop the killing.

    Discussion: High Gas Prices

    HIgh gas prices has made a big impression on me because I drive a car that uses up a lot of gas. Because of the high gas prices, I have limitted use of my car. My parents only allow me to drive to school and use the car for other necessary things. My parents have now bought a Prius to save gas and money. I feel that the government is allowing big oil companies to get away with overcharging people for gas. The government gives reasons for high gas prices but oil companies' CEOs are still retiring with millions of dollars. This makes it hard to believe that the prices are fair.

  11. Ryan1

    "DENVER (Reuters) - Three men were charged with gun and drugs offenses on Tuesday but U.S. authorities dismissed reports that they had serious plans to shoot Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and said they had posed no "true threat."

    I think that the men should be placed in jail for the remainder of the election. These men pose a real threat to the candidate. If Obama is killed by one the these freak shows down the road the police are going to feel stupid. In conclusion i believe that the men who where considered “no threat” should be in prison.

  12. This past Tuesday, Hillary Clinton was one of the more notable speakers at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver. Even though she ran against Barack Obama for president not too long ago, she made it clear that “No way, no how, no McCain. Barack Obama is my candidate and he must be our president.” Clinton mentioned that “Whether you voted for me or voted for Barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose”. Her husband Bill Clinton was almost brought to tears by her speech. Barack Obama mentioned how he thought is was a compelling speech. Clinton criticized McCain’s campaign and comparing him to President Bush, saying "John McCain says the economy is fundamentally sound. John McCain doesn't think that 47 million people without health insurance is a crisis. John McCain wants to privatize Social Security. And in 2008, he still thinks it's okay when women don't earn equal pay for equal work. With an agenda like that, it makes sense that George Bush and John McCain will be together next week in the Twin Cities. Because these days they're awfully hard to tell apart." Despite of what she said, McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds still believes that Hillary Clinton’s speech will not change voter’s minds in Obama’s favor. Former Governor of Virginia Mark Warner, the keynote speaker, and Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer both spoke on Tuesday and further criticized McCain’s policies. Clinton mentioned how she believed that Joe Biden and Obama would be wonderful together. Despite all that’s going on, according to a Gallup poll taken on Tuesday, McCain has a two percent lead over Obama, the first lead for McCain since June.

    Whitesides, John. “Clinton delivers ringing call for Democratic unity”. 26 August 2008. 26 August 2008.

  13. New Orleans has to worry about another major hurricane only 3 years after Hurricane Katrina, as Tropical Storm Gustav approaches. New Orleans residents are still rebuilding from Katrina, and now they face the prospects of evacuating because of another hurricane. The storm is expected to turn into a Hurricane when it goes over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and it is most likely headed right towards New Orleans. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal put New Orleans residents on alert that evacuations can begin as soon as Friday, if Gustav is a category 3 hurricane or higher. Jindal also put Louisiana National Guard on alert, and he can declare a state of emergency as soon as Thursday. They will use busses and Amtrak to evacuate.

    Hopefully this time around George Bush and government will react quickly, unlike the way they did when Hurricane Katrina struck. New Orleans and America doesn’t need another Katrina. The government needs to act right away so people aren’t stranded on their roof tops again.

  14. Hi Max, I agree that two million hydrogen cars is not enough to change the future of transportation. I am amazed that there are only sixty hydrogen stations in America. I am excited about the opening of more hydrogen fueling stations. I believe that if hydrogen fueling stations were as common to find as a regular gas station, people would start buying hydrogen cars and the environment will be saved. I think that most people don’t buy hydrogen cars because they would have to drive far distances just to refuel. I hope that America can become more environmental friendly in the future.

  15. The article I chose to summarize is "Obama picks Biden as running mate" from Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama chose veteran Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden, known for his strong foreign policy credentials, as his vice presidential running mate. In this article, many other politicians, despite their affiliation to parties, included their opinion on Obama's choice. I found that many of the republican politicians who included their opinions found Obama's pick a terrible decision, as they should because they are the opposing party. One especially harsh comment came from Obama's opponent, John McCain, who said, "Biden has denounced Barack Obama's poor foreign policy judgment and has strongly argued in his own words what Americans are quickly realizing--that Barack Obama is not ready to be president."
    I think Joe Biden will provide a good balance in leadership if Barack is elected president. His foreign policy seems to be a big reason for being chosen, and hopefully the democratic pair will be able to have a positive effect on our current foreign policy.


    View of Gov't
    My impression of government today is that our president is costing many innocent lives over an issue that soldiers alone will not be able to fix. I also think the amount of money, time and energy being put into the war in Iraq could be much better used in our own country to help those in need at home. I also think that our government is much too effected by media and scandals. I think the amount of scandals occurring is ridiculous and causes many people to lose faith in the leadership of our country. I don't think the media should as involved in government as it is. It is needed in order to get messages out to the people but has recently been used to target certain leaders and expose many politician's flaws and personal lives. Unfortunately I am unable to vote in the upcoming election so I don't have much of a say as to what lies in our government's future, but I hope whatever happens will benefit our entire country.

  16. No one is used to hydrogen cars yet once people see that they can't drive at these gas prices wich might get higher then people will start to realize that hydrogen fueled cars are the way to go. Vince is right by saying that people don't drive or buy them because you have to drive a while to refuel but it will be better for the enovironment and maybe all this pollution will stop and maybe we will stop having to pay such gas prices. The environment needs our help though without it, it is going to be a huge mess soon.

    "Experts worry that if the surge continues -- while prices have eased over the past month, the cost of an average gallon is still up 30 percent over the past year and double what it cost four years ago -- it may threaten a three-decade-long population rebound that helped revitalize the country's rural core"

    This was from a retuers expert and it just shows how these gas prices are ruining peoples lives and the image of the United States. We have to do something about it and go greener.


  17. From Discussion:

    Sunday 08/24/2008 01:09PM dcbushue Alternative Fuels
    Biofuel has its good and bad. The positive side to biofuel is that it’s a renewable resource. What many people fail to realize are the negative sides to biofuels. The amount of land needed to produce the quantity of biofuels needed both in the US and Europe would cut into our global food production. For Europe to meet their 5.75% renewable fuel target they would have to plant 70% of its farm land in fuel crops (International Herald Tribune, July 10, 2007). We’ve already seen the affect of this on food costs this summer with the higher cost of bread and milk. Often the cultivation and processing of biofuels generate more greenhouse gases than the production and use of gasoline. (Isn’t this contrary to what we want?) The US government needs to look at the total picture. Not just listen to special interest groups pushing for the production of corn and soy based fuels.

  18. For the article review, I chose to read about Barack Obama’s choice for running mate in the Sunday August 24th San Francisco Chronicle. On the front page was a picture of Joe Biden, Barack’s choice for running mate. My mom and I were talking about his choice, and she stated that Biden was rather “far left” compared to Obama. I don’t know who Joe Biden is, I actually have never heard of him, but if Obama thinks that Biden is a good choice, that is his decision. The fact that I don’t personally get interested by politics, makes it so I don’t care all that much about who Obama picks and who McCain picks, I just want it to be the better of the 2 candidates so that things don’t change for the worse in the U.S. My opinion usually changes as I get more and more influence from what my parents say to me, and infront of me.

    -Jessica 1

  19. reuters reporter Dan Wilchins reported that Lehman Brothers inc Holdings,which is the fourth largest U.S investment bank, are cutting 1,200 jobs. this is about five percent of the workforce of this company. they say that they Lehman may announce to steps to boost capital by cutting costs and reduce bad assets which was written by Richard Bove, an analyst at Ladenburg Thalmann. this cost cutting will improve the company's capital but it also leaves about 1,200 people jobless, at this point in time it is very hard to make living due to the falling economy and the high gas prices. In my opinion this is a very unjust thing to do. Lehman also reports that it plans cut more jobs which could total up to 4,000 postions. this should never happen even if it means gaining a lot more money for the company.

  20. Last night Senator Joe Biden accepted the official Democratic VP nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Biden was overally enthused about his nomination, "Since I've never been called a man of few words, let me say this simply as I can: Yes. Yes, I accept your nomination to run and serve with Barack Obama." In his speech he mentioned reasons why Obama was better candidate for presidency noting that "times require more than a good soldier. They need a wise leader, a leader who can deliver change." Also not only did Biden speak at the DNC, Bill Clinton delievered a booming speech that endorsed Obama and Biden. Despite the fact that Biden was announced only this weekend, McCain has already launched new ads that mention that Biden didn't fully support Obama and his quest for presidency because he thought he wasn't experienced yet. However Biden rebuffs these ads by claiming that Obama has learned so much in the past year from touring the nation and speaking to the people. Hopefully with Biden's "experience" and Obama's quest for change, they can win the election.

  21. Today Senator Barock Obama made a historical moment in the city of Denver. He has accepted his nomination for running for president. Obama got into specifics on some of the changes he hopes to bring. he said that he hopes to bring a tax cut for middle-income families, a proposal to eliminate capital gains taxes for small businesses and start-ups, and a plan to invest $150 billion into renewable energy such as wind, solar and biofuels. According to Obama, if this plan succeeds then it can produce at least five million new jobs. Obama is mainly focusing on ending the war in Iraq and defending the country Georgia. he believes that the administration is not taking the right approach in solving these problems. In my opinion I have to agree with Obama in ending the war in Iraq, however, we are doing that as we speak. The government takes out troops little by little because if they take everybody out it will be chaotic and the middle east will break out in an even worse situation that they already are.

    here's the article:


  22. "Obama speech inspires fans, turns off Republicans" news article.

    Obama has inspired many people to strive for what they want to do. Although for the republicans only had concerns about him."Individual responsibility and mutual responsibility. That's the essence of America's promise," he said. He made a lot of promises to the people. I hope he keeps them. With his speech and the promises he promised, I believe that he won a lot of people's vote, especially because he would be the first black president of America. A lot of people have been waiting for something like this to happen.

  23. View of Government:

    The United States government is not what I would like it to be. I feel that they should withdrawl troops back and should use all this energy wasted on war to good use. I think the war is a waste of time, money, and energy. We should be focusing more on health care and other problems that directly affect us. I also feel that these gas prices are getting way out of proportion. I realize that they are going down, but how long will it last this time? I can't vote this year, unfortunately, but I hope my country will make the right decision and turn our country into the right direction.

  24. I believe there may be no solution for natural disasters. The hurricane center of Miami reveals that it is too soon to tell whether hurricane Ike is headed their way. The winds of hurricane Ike are now up to about 135 mph and headed northwest. If hurricane Ike hits U.S. land, oil and natural gas producers in the Gulf of Mexico will be at steak (Reuters). Our founding fathers never anticipated such events occurring in our world almost on a normal basis, which is why I believe there is no final solution. Hurricane Gustav hit Louisiana on Monday after hitting Haiti and killing 75 people (Reuters). Hurricane season is close to over and Hurricane Katrina still holds the most tragic of natural disasters during hurricane season yet.

  25. GONAIVES, Haiti (Reuters) - Powerful Hurricane Ike weakened slightly as it charged across the Atlantic toward the Bahamas and the United States on Thursday while Tropical Storm Hanna's death toll from floods in Haiti grew to 136.

    I believe that in any situation like this that immediate evacuation should accrues. If the death tol1 is up to 136 we should know that the storm could cause damage. We also should already have taken notes for hurricane Katrina. This storm was deadly and we should not take any more chances on risking lives. We still feel the effects from this storm we should not want to feel the effect form this new storm.

  26. I did my topic on the problems we are having with education in America today. A quote that Obama stated really got me to think about how the future is going to revolve around us. Are we as students getting the proper amount of education to be successful in life?

    “I don't want to send another generation of American children to failing schools. I don't want that future for my daughters. I don't want that future for your sons. I do not want that future for America.”

    — Barack Obama, Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, Des Moines, Iowa, November 10, 2007

    Education in America is decreasing very fast. Obama wants the future to be succesful. I agree to this qoute he wrote above because he knows that there are many problems with Americas education.

    No Child Left Behind Left the Money Behind: The goal of the law was the right one, but unfulfilled funding promises, inadequate implementation by the Education Department and shortcomings in the design of the law itself have limited its effectiveness and undercut its support. As a result, the law has failed to provide high-quality teachers in every classroom and failed to adequately support and pay those teachers.

    Students Left Behind: Six million middle and high school students read significantly below their grade level. A full third of high school graduates do not immediately go on to college. American 15 year olds rank 28th out of 40 countries in mathematics and 19th out of 40 countries in science. Almost 30 percent of students in their first year of college are forced to take remedial science and math classes because they are not prepared.

    I never really paid close attention to what Obama or anyone has to say about education. But reading this above everything he has had to say is so true! He is stating the facts about how education is so poorly in america.

    Obama's Plan: Reform No Child Left Behind: Obama will reform NCLB, which starts by funding the law. Obama believes teachers should not be forced to spend the academic year preparing students to fill in bubbles on standardized tests. He will improve the assessments used to track student progress to measure readiness for college and the workplace and improve student learning in a timely, individualized manner. Obama will also improve NCLB's accountability system so that we are supporting schools that need improvement, rather than punishing them.

  27. John McCain seems to be very dedicated and full of will power when speaking to millions. He has many goals for the future of America and hopes to continue or legacy of life, libery , and the persuit of happiness, with minor upgrades such as more jobs for the citizens and new sources of energy. "Stand up, stand up, stand up and fight. Nothing is inevitable here. We're Americans, and we never give up. We never quit. We never hide from history. We make history," he said. McCain installs a great amount of faith and is a very strong leader. Our country need someone who will take acction immediately and who will direct our country to new ideas. I think that Mr. McCain has experienced many conturing events such as 5-1/2 years as a Vietnam prisoner of war, and he knows that events from our pasts cannot be repeated. HE has aspriations to improve the county and quality of life for all of us Americans.


  28. George W. Bush is finally thinking about withdrawing one combat brigade from Iraq, which is about 3,000-5,000 troops. there's more than 140,000 troops in Iraq. But it's not until early next year. "any cut would allow the united states to increase forces in Afghanistan. "The president is now considering his options," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters. Violence has dropped in Iraq in the past year.

  29. First, a written law will be proposed to the Senate. Depending on their reaction to the law will either be scrapped immediately, make changes to it, or send it on to the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives then votes, if the vote is 51 percent or more, it is then sent to the president, who either accepts the bill, or vetoes it. If the president vetoes it, two-thirds of the Senate and two-thirds of the House of Representatives can still vote to pass it. Now if I were to make two laws for our nation they would be to ban cigarettes (if you smoke then you're required to where a nicotine patch or nicotine remover of some sort) and require all residents of any kind have a security system. If we were to ban all cigarettes the statistics of lung cancer would drop and we would have a healthier environment. If every resident area had a security system then the number of break-ins would decrease and more people can feel even safer at home.

  30. George Bush unveils the first memorial dedicated to 9/11. He has spoken for the last time due to the ending of his term in January 2009. Obama and McCain were scheduled to meet at ground zero but not give speeches. Bush stated that it has been a good fight and that the United States has gone 2,557 days without an attack on our soil. He seems to be very proud of that fact. The memorial has the names of everyone who has been killed in the 9/11 attacks in order based on their names. I do hope that this war will end because I do not see much of a point to continuing it.

  31. I believe that drilling off shore in the united states should stay illegal. I agree with Democratic leaders in Congress that strongly opposed lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling, saying drilling would have only a small impact on gasoline prices in the immediate future. I also believe that we should save the gasoline we have in the US until we become very desperate. Another thing, if we look back in history the US goes threw times of high gasoline prices or gasoline shortages. A perfect example is in 1979 when you could only purchase fuel one even or odd days depending on your license plate. The reason I believe we should save our oil is because in a reasonably short amount of time the world will be out of oil. When this happens and little old USA still has reserves we are the dominating factor. We can chose how much to drill, who to sell to, and for how much. Also at this point the USA should have moved away from major oil uses to other means of power.

  32. Reading threw this article I have a feeling that the news and big people would be over this saying text messaging is evil and wrong, believing it is ruining there teenagers and many others. I would like to point out it's not text messaging fault! Yes, this man could have been on the phone but I believe this is the engineers fault. He could have been doing any other activity and missed the same signals. For example, he could have been reading a book, sleeping, talking to a passenger, or many other thing. I also blame the set up they have for radio communication. We are far enough along in technology that the train company should have been able to see that after the first signal he wasn't slowing down and they should have radioed the train or some how communicated that he needed to be aware a another train was on the tracks he was heading towards. In short text messaging good, engineer bad.

  33. China toxic milk victims seen to rise by 10,000! "Chinese provinces have reported nearly 10,000 additional cases of children who have developed kidney illnesses after drinking toxic milk formula in recent days, local media reported on Friday. Chinese children were hospitalized, sick from milk formula tainted with melamine, a cheap industrial chemical that can be used to cheat quality checks. Four have died. It said then that 12,892 were in hospital, 104 with serious illness, and close to 40,000 others were affected but did not need major treatment." What happened that caused all this? The news is telling me about this symptoms (the children) but not the disease (the cause). How is the milk tainted? Are all the brands of milk tainted? Were they not pasteurized properly? Was it the cattle? These are important questions, not for us but the parents in china. If they can go to a different type of milk and not have there children getting sick off it, I believe they would be allot happier.