Tuesday, May 26, 2009

North Korea: engage, appease, oppose?

So it's another step backwards again with North Korea.
In defiance of a Security Council resolution (1718) passed after its first nuclear test in 2006, it has now announced a second. It has also implied that it has solved some at least of the problems it encountered in the first.

So really, when will people, of all ages, realize that this is serious? It's not just happening "over there" and yes, they have the capacity to reach San Francisco? Where is the outrage? Why are they testing? It's not for energy, but for destruction and a power grab. The intentions seems clear: Test the new American President. Which will he prove to be Puppet Diplomat or Shrewd Politician and tactician?

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  1. There really is no point in having this test, again. We already know what it can do and even if it "somehow" works, America will always come up with a bigger badder weapon because knowledge will always grow. For example, the iPhone is a great comparison to the twenty-first century to the ninteenth century. In the nineteenth century the car was the most epic thing around. I could take you anywhere and you can transport more people.
    President Obama has a lot on his plate and I how he can resolve this problem. "President Obama's special envoy Stephen Bosworth has offered talks with the North but for the moment at least this offer has been refused. Further sanctions seem the most likely course now. Mr Obama is on a well-established obstacle course which has confounded his predecessors."