Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Investment Banking vs. Backyard Savings

How do you save money? Do you think it is important to have a "nest egg?" Describe your impressions of President Obama's Speech to banks on changing their regulations yesterday. Which statement stands out in your mind as the most important and why?
"Many Wall Street executives commended the president, including Paul Calello, chief executive of Credit Suisse Group's global investment bank, who said the speech properly linked "Wall Street leadership with a broader sense of responsibility." But not one CEO from a top U.S. bank was in attendance."


  1. I think that president Obama is right because he is saying to investigate the people first instead of just giving them the loan. And i think thats the right thing to do because at the end who end ups paying all the money that rich people dont pay because they broke its us. Because when the government starts to see that the bank is going broke what they do is increase all the prices of first need..

  2. I think that having "nest eggs" is really smart idea. it is good because that is your saving when you gets older.
    Some times you have to worry about other problems when you get older. After you retired it is hard for you to have some serious injuries and at that time you can use that money to help your self or your family. I think Mr. President's plan is much better because it help us to prevent from the problems that we already faced before. I think it is smart idea because our economy is already bad and by that we don't want to make it worse.

  3. The way I save money is by puting it in the bank and only using it when I need too. I think its important too have an nest egg because it important to have some money saved up and difficualt times come. It takes some time to use that money but thats a good idea so put the money in early then eait to use that money. I think Obama was right with his plan because it haed times now and we need money right now.

  4. saving money is a really good deal to do. you protect your money and the nest egg is a good thing to do. you always save the money in the bank you always need to do a savings account well not always but the nest egg is a good deal there's a lot of people saving money and trusting the bank not everyone saves there money. you save money so when ever you needed you have it save and you could just get it from the bank. i agree to what Mrs.Obama said he has a great point of view.....He gives examples of the people that are in need of food or anything else he nows the situation everyone is going through..

  5. I think that the nest egg deal is good for students that will try to go to college, because that gives theme
    another opportunitie to do something for their
    future. It's good for other people like people
    that have alot of capital and want to get some
    extra money.

  6. If I were save money I will put in my saving account. I think that is the only way to save without spending in some stuff I don't even use. Having a" nest egg" is a smart idea, because you can save more from it. Some people use it to save their money for their kids college and some other important stuff or emergency. So Obama's plan is right. You have to start act before is to late.

  7. For last century, there were twice world wars, more than 5 time world depression, nucleus weapons in developing, etc. Those events that lead the world loose plenty of money. So what happened after that? People still living on the earth. There would have a hard time to deal with the problems, but eventrually everything would getting better, of course, it is non willing to have any of this.
    It is the responsiblities to deal with all of the messes by the government, Mr. President have been offer the positive altitued to figure it out, and the economy was not goog as two years ago, but everyone was doing their bast to help. So I think everything would be O.K. No matter which way you use your funds properly and legally.