Thursday, September 24, 2009

When No One Is Watching..Ethics

Ethics are often summed up in what is considered the “golden rule”—do unto others as you would have them do unto you. While this makes sense as a general rule of thumb, it does not truly offer much in terms of helping one to make moral decisions in daily life.

Society often places certain standards of conduct upon the people which are governed together. Groups of people who agree about what constitutes major unethical acts, such as stealing or murder, work to have their viewpoint written into laws that govern the entire body of people. However, not all ethical areas are governed by law, such as lying to a parent or friend. Other areas of law, such as the debate on abortion or stem cell research, are considered ethical judgments made by governments on behalf of the people for the greater good.

Are you ethical? How much of a priority is this for you in your life? Describe a time when you faced an ethical choice, and then the path you chose.


  1. To live in the world, there always has a rule to limited our behave, because the destination of our human being is not for satisfy, it is to find happiness, that the reason the ethical mission.
    And base on the non-materialism, faith is a inspiration, and the ethical would be against it.
    It is different faith, when people live in a different socieaty. If people were live in the Middle East, they would automatically believe the God is Anla; peoplep would believe the god is Jesus, when people in the Catholic Region; of course, someone live in the life of money, then the money would be their god!
    It is the reason, that there are so many contradictions happened in the world. That is the destination of ethical. And it is the reason that people want to correct mistakes to pure themselves.

  2. Good Point Sterling. I think this sounds very Zen and Confucian of you. It is true that purification of character is true, but do you think people still strive for it? Should they?

  3. Your are right, that is a point of view of Confucian philosophy. But that is an abstract ideal. In ancient China, people would live for that as life's destination, which is very good. But nowadays, ethical were lose the power, since the relationships from couples, to single, to homosexual. It tells me that, there were fewer and fewer of ethical power to limited the society.
    But no matter what happens, people stills fight about that. And I agree they do so. Which is there are many antagonism, they try to correct the mistaken society. But it is not easy, and it will be very challenging .

  4. I would consider myself very ethical. I think the better lifestyle is the one that does not lie. When I choose not to lie, I would consider it as pushing myself to keeping promises. I have kept a lot of promises, so I am used to not lying. In result, I do not normally breath hard and push myself to keep promises. You do not have to trust me though. Sometimes, when people drop trash right by me by accident, I throw it away for them. I just want the environment to be good.