Monday, October 26, 2009

Electronic Banking (14)

Check out this podcast, and write a response after regarding the strengths of electronic banking and the weaknesses it has.


  1. Nearly about 3 percentage positive growth of the industry, in this nation third quarter of the year, that is the first time of nation grow of the last two year. As the money which bail-out, that round about 50 billion to GM, 61 percent own the company by the government. That means there would be a all the taxes payer money goes to that, as the some people would loss the all the money goes into it, but the professor said, it could be a low possibilities that they could be able pay back the debt. As the fact the economy going would be then they would be grow, as there companies' stock would be grow twice as it now would be. It would be take a long time, but it would be run long time.

  2. I think that is great idea of Electronic Banking because mostly half of american believe in that idea. It mostly help us. Now a days technology is important and useful thing to know. If that idea help USA to fix their economy and help others, I would say go for it. The tax would be higher and that is another big cause we have to face but our first goal should be fix the economy and repay our debt to others. On the other hand many people disagree with that because of higher taxes. And they are right on their places.

  3. I believe that technology is affecting our economy. Some people lose their job because of technology. Like those people at San Francisco Chronicle. All of the pressman that print our news paper where out of job. They got kick out because of technology, like the printer don't need people to print anymore. They said technology is useful, i believe not all the time. Electronic banking is useful for me, because i been using it for 2 years.

  4. Online banking solutions have many features and capabilities in common, but traditionally also have some that are application specific.
    The common features fall broadly into several categories
    Transactional (e.g., performing a financial transaction such as an account to account transfer, paying a bill, wire transfer... and applications... apply for a loan, new account, etc.)
    Electronic bill presentment and payment - EBPP
    Funds transfer between a customer's own checking and savings accounts, or to another customer's account
    Investment purchase or sale
    Loan applications and transactions, such as repayments
    Non-transactional (e.g., online statements, check links, cobrowsing, chat)
    Bank statements
    Financial Institution Administration -
    Support of multiple users having varying levels of authority
    Transaction approval process
    Wire transfer
    Features commonly unique to Internet banking include
    Personal financial management support, such as importing data into personal accounting software. Some online banking platforms support account aggregation to allow the customers to monitor all of their accounts in one place whether they are with their main bank or with other institutions.

  5. I thing that electronic banking is a good place to save your money because, you can use your money and not have a risk of getting your money stolen. Electronic banking is better because you can buy things faster, through the iternet.

  6. I think technology its a great idea for us as US citizens because we can get so many deals and offerts one of the deals you can get is that if you have an account and you check your statement online you get free checks because instead of having 4 or 5 people on a desk typing statements they just want only one person do it and sending to all people email addresses. But technology is putting so many people out of work because the technology its so advanced that they almost dont need human training to do something...

  7. I think technology is important because with technology we could solve the economic problems in the world and with technology we can find things more faster!!! and about electronic banking is a good place for save money in my opinion.

  8. I think that electronic banking has it's good points and bad points to its set up. Yes you can pay your bills online and check your account, but you have hackers who are able to get your passwords and steal your money. I agree that it is fast by doing your banking online but you never know that someone can be watching you, so that one bad think about it and you also have to be changing your password regularly because of hackers. I like to go the bank in person so i know that my money got in the bank safe and sound.

  9. I think electronic banking is good thing because we can save faster and easy. We don't have to waste to much money on gas to take our money to the bank. One thing abut is that we can order things that we want through the internet faster. We don't have to worry about our money going through the mail, that maybe it wont get there or someone might stole it or it might mail to the wrong address. So I say this is a good idea to do electronic banking. Enough with the good side. Let talk about the bad side of it. Sometime we think our money is safely deliver on the electronic bank, but sometime there are crazy dump head people jacked the electronic bank through the internet. So that is the bad side of it.

  10. i think technology makes life easier in these days technology is very important and useful and on the other hand it could be a problem because people could lose her / his job .