Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Argentina and Panama

Find out 2 facts to share about Panama.

The legacy of military rule from 1976-1983, (in Argentina), is an open wound. Tens of thousands of people were killed in the seven-year "dirty war". The bodies of many abductees - known as the "disappeared" - have never been found. Describe the government today.


  1. Panama is a representative democracy with three different branches of government. Executive and legislative branches, and an independent judiciary. The president is Mireya Elisa and there are two vice presidents, Bazan Jimenez and Arturo Ulises.

  2. Michelle3 Gillian3 Kendall3February 19, 2010 at 10:15 AM

    Two facts:
    The main exports of panama are Bananas, fish, shrimp, petroleum products.
    The international dialing code is +507.

    Argentina is a Republic. They have a Legislative an Judicial Branch.

  3. Argentina has a republic government. The president is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. In 1976, the military began the "dirty war" to restore order and to turn around their opponents. Geneva has charged the junta with 2,300 political murders, over 10,000 political arrests, and the disappearance of 20,000 to 30,000 people. The economy remained in chaos.

  4. sean5, Lauren5, Maddie5February 19, 2010 at 1:09 PM

    Argentina is governed by the 1853 constitution. It also has a federal system of government. The president and vice president are elected by popular vote for four-year terms and can be reelected once. The national congress is composed of 72 senators, who serve six-year terms, and 257 deputies, who serve four-year terms. They also have a nine-member supreme court.

  5. Panama had a rich Pre-Colombian heritage of native populations. Panama was a pivotal trade route and collection point for Spanish commerce from the New World. Each province has its own elected governor and legislature and its own judicial system in Argentina's government today.Argentina's government is ruled by its 1853 constitution, although that document has been suspended many times. The basic structure of their government is federal and republican. In 1949, the Peron government adopted a new constitution, but the military government denied that document. Some modifications in the original constitution were made by a constituent assembly that met in October 1957. In July 1962, a system of proportional representation was adopted.

  6. Argentina is governed by a federal system. The president and vice president are elected by popular vote for four-year terms and can only be reelected once. Today the president is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and the vice president is Julio Cobos. Panama on the other hand is governed by a constitutional democracy which means the structures, powers, and limits of government are set forth in a constitution. The United States also has a constitutional democracy.
    Panama's president is Mireya Elisa and their vice president is Arturo Ulises.

  7. Today Argetina has one of the strongest biggest economies. Panama and Argentina both are rich in recorses. Argentina is governed by the 1853 constitution. The structure of their government is a federal and republican. President is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.The president and vice president are elected by popular vote for a period of four years trems.

  8. 2 Facts about Panama and there government are:
    1) Panama has the third or fourth largest economy in Central America.
    2) Panama has an unemployment rate of 5.6%, and its poverty rate is 28.6% and was expected to decline to 11% by 2009, which it did.

  9. Jeff,Alaysia & Priscilla5February 23, 2010 at 4:54 PM

    Argintina today is one of South America's biggest economies and is highly rich in resources.In 2001 a deep foreshadowed economic callapse and after that Argintina was struggling physically and spirtually in debt with everything! Then in 2003 Argintina got back on it's foot and have been living wealthy until now!

  10. The current president of Panama is Ricardo Martinelli. The official language of Panama is Spanish but 14% of people can also speak English. Around 85% of people are Roman Catholic for their religion. Some of their major trading partners are U.S., Sweden, Spain, Mexico and more.

  11. The official name of Panama is the Republic of Panama, and the capital is Panama City. The main language spoken there is Spanish. The population is about 2,750,000 people. Religions practiced there are mainly Catholic and Protestant.

    "By 2003 a recovery was under way, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to a vital new loan. Since then, Argentina has restructured its massive debt, offering creditors new bonds for the defaulted ones, and has repaid its debt to the IMF. But with poverty rife and unemployment high, many Argentines still await the benefits of the economic upturn."

  12. One fact about Panama is that the City of Panama was established around 1520, about two decades after Panama was claimed by the Spanish. Another fact is Panama opened the Panama Canal for the United States around 1915.

    Today Argentina's government is paying back its debts, offering creditors new bonds due to the defaulted ones, and trying to turn its economy around. However, many people are unemployed and/or in poverty. Today Argentina is a presidential representative democratic republic.

  13. Two facts about Panama are:

    Panama was claimed by the Spanish around the 1501. They were claimed by the Spanish because they were the first to claim Panama as a country. The city of Panama was established two decades later.

    The economy in Panama is unlike most others. After a rough time they are able to stabilize even when it is hard for other countries to. This helps them have a better economy than most.

  14. The Panama Canal was transferred from the United States to Panama last century. The median age in Panama is twenty-seven years old. Panama's government is constitutional democracy. Like the United States, Panama's three branches of government are judicial, legislative, and executive. Panama gained its independence on November third, 1903. It got its independence from Spain. President Theodore Roosevelt told Spain to grant Panama independence. Roosevelt was a former United States president.

  15. Panama facts:
    1. It was department of Columbia
    2. Has an unemployment rate of 5.6%

    The government today is run by president Cristina Fernandez. She is supporting the economic crisis
    but has recently changed her view to focus on domestic policies. There population still lives in poverty and any type of rises in prices would make a huge and negative impact to Argentina.

  16. Panama Facts:
    Unemployment rate of 5.6%
    Poverty rate of 28.6% (expected to drop 11% in next year)

    The Dirty War in Argentina was caused by a coup against president Juan Peron. Many people were kidnapped and either publicly killed, or never seen again. Many of the "disappeared" are now dead, yet many have not been accounted for.

  17. keea 3rd period

    Argentina is under a republic government there is a legislative and a judicial branch.
    Facts about Panama: 1.It used to be a department of Colombia.2.The current president is Ricardo Martinelli

  18. Panama, located in between Colombia and Costa Rica in Central America bordering the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, has an interesting history behind their famous waterway, the Panama Canal. In the 1880's Colombia, a neighboring country, made a treaty with France for the construction of a Canal across the Panama's narrow isthmus, or a narrow strip of land with the sea on either side. Although The French negotiated a deal to have the U.S. construct the canal, yellow fever claimed many lives, within a five year span. In return for building the canal the new Panamanian Government granted U.S. control over either side of the canal. After many years the U.S. revoked their claims on the Panama Canal (paid 25 million to back out of the right they were granted) and in 1936, it was official. The Panama Canal was finished in 1914, and has remained the main and very important shipping route ever since.

  19. garrett15, reese 5March 5, 2010 at 1:51 PM

    Today in Panama the government is much different, than it was in 1983. A president is selected and voted in by the public. Right now their president is a female by the name of Cristina Fernandez. She is greatly improving the quality of life and the economy for the people. "She fought the election campaign largely on Mr. Kirchner's record of reducing poverty and unemployment in the wake of the 2001-2002 economic crisis - one of the worst crises the country had ever experienced." States The BBC. Now they have a newly prospering economy. Growing larger everyday.

  20. Two facts on Panama are:

    1. It is located in the middle American continent, through the east lies of Colombia and through the west Costa Rica.

    2. The weather there is 100% tropical with temperatures around 80 to 90 degrees.

    Before, Argentina's new government, they were in debt, but now they have built a better, restructured government system.

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  21. Panama was established in 1520. Panama opened the panama canal in 1950. Today in Argentina the the goverment is trying to turn its economy around and the people and and still living a poverty stricken life. But they are still trying to pay back debt. today Argentina is a democratic republic.

  22. Panama's government is a constitutional democracy. Panama has one of the most important trading routes, the Panama Canal, which dates back to 1914. The current president of Panama is Ricardo Martinelli. Panama also has the 3rd largest economy is Central America. Argentina's president is Cristina Fernandez and she's the first woman to be elected president of Argentina. The main focus of her campaign was to reduce unemployment and poverty. Argentina also has the second-highest number of internet surfers of the continent, after Brazil.