Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Korea Be Careful

KCNA said the North was also expelling all South Korean workers from a jointly-run factory north of the border.

The move comes after an international report blamed North Korea for sinking a South Korean warship.

Pyongyang denies it torpedoed the Cheonan near the inter-Korean maritime border on 26 March, killing 46 sailors.

How does this involve the United States? What is Secretary of State Clinton doing about this?

Revisit the new island shelling of South Korea by North Korea. What good can come of this? What is their goal?


  1. The United States is backing South Korea. Hillary Clinton wants the United States and China to work together. It is important for there to be peace in the Korean peninsula. The United States has backed Seoul. Seoul is part of South Korea. So the bottom line is, The United States, China, and the Koreas must all go in peace. North and South Korea are not getting along well, and that must be fixed. A peace treaty should be signed.

  2. The United States is currently allies with South Korea. Our policy is, if someone attacks one of our allies we must attack that enemy. However North Korea is very dangerous and is suspected of having nuclear arms. If we do attack without being absolutely positive, that can start a war. Tensions are already high enough in the Korea's to begin with. "In a warning to South Korea's navy, a newsreader on North Korean state television (KRT) said: "South Korean puppet army gangs have been recently trespassing our territorial waters without restraint."
    Clinton is trying to get help from China but so far China has been reluctant to turn on a neighbor. So as you can see this issue very much concerns the US if or if not we get involved.