Monday, September 20, 2010

Current Events Watch-Healthcare and the Stands of the 2-Parties

What is the current situation of healthcare system in the United States? How does each party want to "fix" this problem in the U.S.? State the position of the Democrats and the Republicans. Where do you stand? What would be a better more permanent solution?


  1. Currently, there is a debate in the United States whether healthcare should be free to all Americans or not.

    Conservative: Conservatives support health care but debate over who should pay for it. They believe it should remain privatized. FOr those who cannot afford it, the private companies should offer free, and low cost programs.

    Liberal: Liberals support a free and or low cost government ran health care system. It should be paid for via taxes that we already pay. It is the federal government's responsibility to maintain a healthy nation.

    I believe in a more liberal approach to the healthcare debate. I believe the governemnt should offer free healthcare, and that everyone should recieve it. I believe a great solution would be to slightly raise taxes, based on income levels and for the government to somehow find the resources to pay for the rest.

  2. Right now the government is debating whether or not to pay for millions of uninsured Americans. Democrats are for this reform. They want everyone to be able to go see a doctor. Republicans however do not. The House Republican leader, Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, said lawmakers were defying the wishes of their constituents. “The American people are angry,” Mr. Boehner said. “This body moves forward against their will. Shame on us.”
    My personal opinion is that we should be like Canada when it comes to health care.

  3. The current situation of the health care system in the United States is "Obama acknowledged he was moving cautiously in assembling a health care proposal to ensure he can build the political support needed to move the plan forward if he's elected president." Obama says that every time a new President is elected, they always promise things about health care but nothing happens. He also stated "the country is already moving toward a government-based health system."
    The Republican party wants to "fix" this problem in the U.S. that they want to pass a health care bill because they feel this will help America take a step in the right direction. Most Democrats have voted against this bill because as Luiz Gutierrez of Illinois states, "It's no secret that I have been critical of proposals that would exclude our nation's hardworking immigrants from the health care exchange, and I would find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to vote for any measure that denies undocumented workers health care purchased with their own dollars."
    The Republicans are "vowing to fight the brand new health care bill and use it against Democrats in the mid-term election."
    Democrats are more against the bill than for it. I would stand on the side of the Democrats because I feel that the bill is not strong enough to actually fix the major problems we face in healthcare. According to the bill, people will have to pay less if they get healthcare through their small businesses but there is no way of guaranteeing that.

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  4. For healthcare, there is a debate on whether or not it should be at a low cost or paid for all americans.
    For conservatives, they believe that it would be unfair to make other people pay for it by using tax dollars in which they work hard for. They believe that it would also take the money out of the pockets of the private companies. In order to fix this problem and to provide healthcare for everyone, they propose that the private companies offer low cost healthcare to the people that need it.
    Liberals are more for healthcare than the conservatives. They believe that it is absolutely essential that everyone is covered by healthcare, by possibly taking the money from the tax dollars that we pay.
    I am more conservative on this topic, as though it is unfair for those whom work ahrd fo their money and are forced to take some of that money out for the healthcare for everyone who dont try to work for example. But, I do believe everyone should be covered by a doctor somehow.

  5. The amount of people in the United States that are uninsured vary from state to state. Currently Texas has the highest percentage of people without insurance, and each state is doing what they can to provide coverage for their residents. Some States have passed bills to try and reach a Universal Health Care Coverage. The United States is debatiing wheather or not they should provide coverage for million of immigrants. (

    The Democrat party believes that every one should have the right to have low cost health care coverage. "In the wealthiest, most powerful nation on earth, no one should have to choose between taking their child to a doctor and paying the rent. Democrats are committed to making sure every single American has access to affordable, effective health care coverage." (

    On the opposite side, many Republicans think it is not a right but a responsibility. They believe that the United States should not provide coverage for all the people in the US reason being, "that the country will suffer in the near and far future from the burden of providing coverage for all its citizens." (
    Republicans proposed they'd give tax credits to people so they could pay for their health insurance. (

    In my opinion I would support the Democratic Party with their idea on Health Care. The reason is that they are offering to low-income families a way to finally afford health care coverage. A huge part of the people without coverage are low-income families, that because of the high costs of health insurance don't have coverage. The US should be able to provide coverage to those without insurance and it would be a positive investment. This country has spent so much on the Iraq war, why can't it invest in providing health care for those in need?

  6. Currently, there is a debate in the United States whether healthcare should be free to all Americans or not.
    Republicans: Oppose guaranteed universal health care, support health policy based on corporate profits for insurance, HMO, and drug companies instead of human need.
    Democrats: Clinton and Gore support health policy based on corporate profits; deleted plans for universal health care from the Democratic platform.
    I feel that the Healthcare system is fine the way it is, if we change it too much the quality of healthcare will defiantly go down.

  7. Currently in America, The government is considering whether or not to have a low cost for heath insurance or to have it be free to all Americans. Our nation is in need for health insurance, "nearly 45 million Americans are without health insurance."
    The government has put into effect the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act as of 2010. These acts, "including expanding Medicaid eligibility, subsidizing insurance premiums, providing incentives for businesses to provide health care benefits, prohibiting denial of coverage/claims based on pre-existing conditions, establishing health insurance exchanges, and support for medical research."
    Along with these health care reforms, payments comes in the form of taxes and fees. Although the acts are pricey, it was estimated that 32 million additional citizens will be insured by 2019.
    The main oppositions came from the Republican party mostly based on the objections to rising taxes. On the other hand, Obama represented the democratic party. He was in favor of these health care reforms because of the stories, "he had heard from Americans with pre-existing conditions whose lives depend on getting insurance coverage; stories of patients being denied coverage, and of families with insurance who are just one illness away from financial ruin." He also left the door open to any others who had better plans that would bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured, strengthen Medicare for seniors, and stop insurance company abuses.
    I am split between the sides because the democratic view of drastically reducing non health insured Americans is great, but also the taxes are not exactly a welcoming thought. In the end i think what is best for the majority of all Americans is to go with the health care reforms because it would benefit a majority of the American population. I also think that the wealthy should contribute more to the society to help with this controversial debate on taxes.

  8. As of now health care is a big topic in the United States. They are debating whether it should be free to all Americans. According to Learning and Finance, September 23rd, 2010, many of Obama's health care reform changes will take effect. ( Republicans believed that health care should be paid for to make corporate profits for insurance. Democrats also supported health care for corporate profits. If we keep trying to make health care affordable the way health care will support us will drastically fall and health care will not e much of a help anymore.

  9. President Obama has signed into legislature a healthcre bill, Affordable Car Act, making healthcare more affordable, make health insurers more accountable, expand health coverage to all Americans, and make the health system sustainable. I beieve his is the greatest act the government has made in a long time because its for the people of our nation. Now it feels like our government is working for us, before it seemed eas thugh they were simply working for themselves.

    Republicans all voting against te bill were defeated when the votes from the Demcrats passed the refom bill. Their arguements against th bill were that itsunconstitutional to require every individual to have health insurance.

    Democats, whom successfully voted the bill to pass, are exstatic that over 32million Americans who couldn't afford health care can get it today.


  10. Currently, health insurance is provided by private companies that often abuse their power and charge high costs for their services. Due to these high costs, "15.3% of the population is completely uninsured, and a substantial additional portion of the population (35%) is underinsured" (

    Democrats would like to address these grievances by extending health care coverage, addressing insurance company abuses, make health insurance more effective, and reducing the federal deficit in the process. Some very liberal Democrats are also pushing for Universal Health Care.

    Republicans generally oppose health care reform because they believe it will increase taxation.

    A better solution would be to keep the insurance system we have now, but have the government have increased regulation of the insurance companies (similar to Theodore Roosevelt's trustbusting during the Progressive Era).

  11. The current situation of our health care system is a struggle between whether it should be available to all at little to no cost at all or to continue on with the system we have had. It seems we have made progress in making health care more affordable, with the recent Affordable Care Act. It was "passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in March helps make it easier and fairer for people living with HIV or AIDS to get the coverage and care they need". (

    Democrats support the idea of making health care more available to everyone in our country. Their opinions are that having health care is a right and and the government should regulate our health care system in order for this to happen. They feel that "[t]here are millions of Americans who can't afford health care and are deprived of this basic right".
    However, on the opposing side, Republicans support a health care system that is not run by the government and not lowering the standards of health care in order to support those who cannot afford it. All citizens have a right to health care, it's just a matter of who can obtain this privilege. They feel that "[t]he problem of uninsured individuals should be addressed and solved within the free market healthcare system--the government should not control healthcare".

    I stand neutral in this controversial debate over our nation's health care and agree with multiple points of both political parties. I do believe that health care is a right, not a privilege for our nation, and that everyone should have access to it, especially those in dire need. However, I do acknowledge that this way would cause our health care quality would be considerably lowered in order to patron all those who need help, and thus in time higher costs in the system.
    What I recommend would be to use money that is being spent elsewhere but have ended up with no results, and pay more attention (along with money) to the health care system of our country.

  12. The problem with healthcare recently is if it should be free to all Americans or if it shouldn't be given to everyone for free. The Republicans are against giving more Americans free health care mostly because "most Republicans do not want higher taxes for the wealthy; those making more than $250,000 per year, as they will be the ones paying for most government spending...e.g the heathcare bill."( The Democratic's are with the healthcare reform because they believe it will solve other problems like a domino effect. I think it would help if the healthcare system was reformed because it might save many people money and then they can spend money on other things so money starts flowing through our systems. I don't believe there is a permanent solution but we could reduce the cost on healthcare to maybe help things move along but slowly increase taxes so we don't make our debt worse.

  13. The current situation in healthcare is whether it should be free for all Americans. Republicans wanted taxpayers to get the highest quality for healthcare at the lowest cost.
    Democrats want to place healthcare in the hands of the government. "Obama's plan seeks to move the country towards a single-payer, socialized medical system that removes choice from individuals and places it in the hands of government bureaucracy."
    I stand on the democratic side because no one in my family has health insurance and I think it really is unfair for people who can't afford it. Some hard working people still don't have enough money to pay for healthcare. I don't think there is a permanent solution.

  14. Right now, there isn't a universal health care plan for all americans. People are debating whether or not there should be. Liberals and conservatives both believe that there should be health care, but conservatives thinks its a personal responsibility to pay for health care. Liberals believe it should be paid for by taxes via the government.
    Personally, I think there should be a universal health care plan. Thinking about it in theory, I can see why people would be against it. People want to be in control of their own lives, and think that if they have earned something, people who haven't earned it dont deserve it. If we lived in an ideal world, we wouldn't need universal health care. However, we don't live in an ideal world, rather, we try as hard as we can to make it an ideal world. Looking at countries that HAVE universal health care, they are generally healthier and happier with longer life expectancies, and the health care is phenomenal. A big debate point from the conservative side is that we would have "obamacare" and our health care would be like that of the DMV. But thats not how it is in other countries who already do have it, its just a fear of change.

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  16. In today's society the health care system is taking a big toll for people in american. In today's government between the Republicans and Democrats are debating on health care is whether or not health care should be free to all Americans or not. The Democrats point of view on giving people free is for it. They feel that people should receive the benefit of getting free health care. "We must redouble efforts to bring the uninsured into coverage. We should guarantee access to affordable health care for every child. We should expand coverage to working families. We seek to ensure that dislocated workers are provided affordable care. We should make health care affordable for small businesses. In addition, Americans aged 55 to 65 should be allowed to buy into the Medicare program to get the coverage they need."
    The Republicans point of view on giving free health care is that it should not be free. "Individuals should be free to manage their own health needs through Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs) and Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs). These initiatives make a government takeover of health care as anachronistic as surgery without anesthesia. Individuals should be able to roll over excess FSA dollars from one year to the next, instead of losing their unspent money at the end of each year. MSAs should be a permanent part of tax law, offered to all workers without restriction."

  17. Currently, there is a debate in the United States whether healthcare should be free to all Americans or not. Health insurance is provided by private companies that often abuse their power and charge high costs for their services.
    In my opinion I will like to support the Democratic Party with their idea on Health Care. My reason is because they are offering to low-income families a way to finally afford health care coverage. A huge part of the people without coverage are low-income families, that because of the high costs of health insurance don't have coverage.
    And Republicans generally oppose health care reform because they believe it will increase taxation.
    So that's the why i will like to support the Democrats.

  18. Currently in America, The United States is struggling to come up with a universal healthcare plan more affordable than the one we use today. There is a big debate between the Republicans and Democrats on how the healthcare system should be operated. The wealthy fear that they will lose the benefits of their current plan and it won't be as strong as it was before, while the less wealthy and unemployed would much prefer any healthcare to none at all, or it may be better than their current plan.
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    My opinion is that everyone should have access to equal health coverage, and in today's economy, with so many fewer people with healthcare, it is important that a solution is found quickly. For example, my mom needs chemo-therapy every month and if my father lost his job there would be no way for my mom to get the care she needed. With a universal healthcare plan, healthcare would be available to the employed and unemployed, healthy and unhealthy.

  19. The current issue with health care right now is to make health care affordable to everyone.
    Democrats want health care to be affordable to everybody so that parents won't have to worry about choosing to pay for their kid's health care
    Republicans want customization of insurance so that seniors can customize their own health insurance so that they will be more helpful.

    I feel like Republicans have a good idea to help the seniors out but if the Democrats have it their way then they will make health care more affordable for everybody, including seniors. I think the best solution is to make cheaper health care that can be customized to be as cheap as possible..

  20. The current issue on Health Care in the US is whether or not it should be offered to everyone for free or very cheap or to continue to keep healthcare the way it is right now. The government is currently trying to make healthcare more affordable to general public but many still are living without it and can only be treated once their situation becomes an emergency.
    The Democratic point of view is that all people can and should have health care and they believe that it is the government’s job to ensure that this happens whereas the republican point of view is that yes, all people can and should have healthcare as well but it is not the governments job to interfere, instead it should be a service offered to the people through privately owned companies.
    I agree with the Democratic point of view that the government should make sure that all people are provided with health care because no matter how much money the government needs to fund its wars and what not, the health and well being of the people is far more important.

  21. Today in the United States, there is a major debate over healthcare. Democrats believe that healthcare should be affordable and available to everyone. This will benefit the majority of the population because lots of people, currently, aren't able to afford healthcare. "There are currently millions of Americans that do not have health care. The liberal view on health care is that it is a basic right that every individual is entitled to, not a privilege." ( However, the Republicans view the issue differently. They are against the healthcare reform bill because it will increase government spending. "Health care reform will increase government spending by nearly $2 trillion once it is fully implemented." (