Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Libya Is Out of Control

As bombings and bloody battles prised back the towns of Brega, Gharyan and Sabratha, Gaddafi made the speech which was broadcast on Libyan state TV. In it he vowed to continue ruling with his system of 'direct democracy'.

The dictator of the North African regime said the world did not understand the Libyan system that 'puts power in the hands of the people'.

'We put our fingers in the eyes of those who doubt that Libya is ruled by anyone other than its people,' he told an applauding audience shown on Libyan television, referring to his system of 'direct democracy' which he outlined in his Green Book political manifesto.

He said that he was not a president and so could not resign his position, and said there were no internal problems in Libya.

'Muammar Gaddafi is not a president to resign, he does not even have a parliament to dissolve', he said, adding that he held 'no position from which to step down'.

'The Libyan system is a system of the people and no one can go against the authority of the people. .. The people are free to chose the authority they see fit,' he said.He went on to call for the United Nations and Nato to investigate the facts about what had happened in Libya.

Students: reflect on this "new direct democracy". If this is the case, why are his people lying dead in the streets?


  1. In Libya, the country is faced with a national crisis as both sides of Libya are fighting because of their discrepancies. “An estimated 14 people died in battles and up to 50 were injured today. With the dictator vowing to fight to the end there was little sign of the situation being resolved - and the U.S. were warning that the country was at risk of civil war.” Muammar Gaddafi is the leader of this country, and he believes that he is not a president, so he could not resign powers. He also claims that the Libyan system is the “system of the people.” This seems to be a discrepancy, but “Gaddafi, 68, said there were no protests against his rule in Libya and that 'underground groups'" were whipping people up and reports by the media to the contrary were wrong. There were no political prisoners in Libya, he said.” It is obvious that Gaddafi does not want to give up his power in Libya, as he has become a very powerful dictator. This denial is just to try and keep the United States out of their own country affairs. This will not happen so long as they have oil that the West, depends upon. People are lying dead in the streets because of the protesting. "
    The speech came as his troops unleashed the most brutal attacks yet on protesters and army defectors in a string of towns and cities that have been lost in the uprisings since February 15." Gaddafi is only making the protests more violent, as he claims that his attacks were only on non-peaceful protesters.


  2. This "new direct democracy" is a pure democracy meaning the people make political decisions and law decisions instead of the legislatures and representatives. This is causing violence because of the protesters that fight against the new concept and having Gaddafi as a ruler. There is an intense clash between the protesters and the government, and the protesters are rebelling against the decisions of the government by violent attacks against civilians. According to this article, "Demonstrators say they have now taken control of several important towns, including the city of Benghazi, which saw days of bloody clashes between protesters and government forces." ( Protesters are the people against this new idea of direct democracy and are holding huge anti-government marches in the capital. This form of rebelling against the government has turned into a bloody, violent massacre and "The government says that it is battling "dens of terrorists". ( Debbashi, Libya's deputy ambassador to the UN had state that Gaddafi started a "genocide against the Libyan people." People are being shot in order to not join the protests. There are people with guns that wait on top of roofs to shoot down people who come to join any protest. Doctors are running short of medical equipment and supplies in Benghazi because the military units left the area to join the demonstrators. Some soldiers refused to shoot civilians and left their posts unreported. There is no mutual agreement between the government and the protesters, and unfortunately, innocent civilians are being tortured because of these acts of violence. Hilary Clinton wants to make a public statement to Libya about how this could possibly turn into the next civil war.

  3. People are dieing on the streets yet Gaddafi believes that nothing is going on. "On 28 February, Gaddafi gave an interview in which he claimed there was no unrest in Libya. “All my people love me,” Gaddafi told journalists from ABC News, the BBC and Britain's Sunday Times. He also described the pressure from foreign leaders as “betrayal” and laughed at suggestions that he should leave the country" ( Gaddafi does realize that what he is doing is wrong. Its plain stupidity that he doesn't see that people are killing other innocent civilians because of his actions. If people "loved" him then there would not be any violent acts like this. I also believe that there are people dieing because of how the military is being used. It is said that the military is being used against Gaddafi but these people are also hurting civilians. Violence is being used for Gaddafi to step down from his position, hopefully putting pressure on him. This does not seem like a very direct democracy.

  4. In the country of Libya, people are dying due to the Libyan Colonel Gaddafi's actions to seize control of an rich oil town. When Colonel Gaddafi's men took control of Brega they were in a fight against the Libyan rebel fighters. In the battle between Gaddafi's men versus the rebel fighters of Libya there was an estimate of "14 men killed and another 50 injured."
    Gaddafi vows that he will "fight to the end" because he believes that "there is a conspiracy to control the Libyan oil and the of land of Libya to originate back to a colonized country."
    Colonel Gaddafi is corrupting the country Libya believing that he can colonize a country that once was colonize and is not now to me is not a very supportive leader/ruler of Libya because he is only using people of Libya to get the things he wants for Libya and not for the people of Libya is not a Direct Democracy.

  5. Why are people dying in the streets? The reason might have something to do with the revolution that is going on in libya.Gaddafi is almost completly insane. He's power hungry and just doesn't want to leave his post. the bodies in the street are do in part because Gaddafi doesn't know if he's going to stay in power or leave yet, he has too much misplaced loyalty from very powerful people. Libya is an oil keg right now all rebel forces have to do is light a match and light an oil field on fire and cause world wide problems.

  6. People are dying in the streets and Gaddafi is so crazy that he doesn't seem to understand that it is his doing. The things Gaddafi says and claims are just ridiculously crazy. He says in interviews that the people love him and that there is no unrest and all is okay, but there are people dying in the streets. The problem with Gaddafi is that he is crazy and is doing a lot of bad things, but at the some time a lot of people do love him for whatever reason and he does have a lot of powerful friends. The military is using violence to try and make Gaddafi step down from his position by trying to pressure him but this does not seem to work and the military is only causing harm to their own people. Gaddafi seems to be aware of his actions but he is not aware of the actions that the military takes, because he keeps saying that there is no unrerst and that everything is fine.
    Gaddafi just seems to be crazy and out of control. i think the pressure the military is putting on him is simply making him crazy and delusional instead of making him step down.

  7. In Libya, there area still disputes going on as to who would control what parts of Libya. Because there was no common ground found there have been riots and uprisings, "An estimated 14 people died in battles and up to 50 were injured [...]". Gaddafi is the leader of Libya who claims he is trying to end the disputes yet, "with the dictator vowing to fight to the end there was little sign of the situation being resolved - and the U.S. were warning that the country was at risk of civil war". Gaddafi also claims that he will not step down because there is no where to step down from. Libya is a country that is supposedly run by the people, so they can pick who leads them. From the looks of things, Gaddafi is only after the rich oil lands in rebel territory. There are people lying dead in the streets because of protestors and rebels whom are fighting for their rights. If Gaddafi was really a ruler for the people, he would care about everyone's thoughts. Since there are Libyan's lying dead on the streets, he obviously doesn't care enough and is only leader for his own glory. He doesn't plan on stepping down because he was not pronounced a president and no one has opposed his rulings. Gaddafi is oblivious to the true feelings of the people of Libya and he needs to open his eyes to the more important, peace and safety of Libya.

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  8. Libya is on the break of a civil war if they do not regain their countries stability. The countries leader Gaddafi is neglecting all the rebellion from his people. Gaddafi is clearly has a dictatorship and is saying that "there were no protests against his rule in Libya". If this was even remotely true then why are there so many rebellions against Gaddafi. Gaddafi is also against stepping from power because he goes on to say "he was not a president and so could not resign his position". This is not even close to a direct democracy and he needs to stop being oblivious to his people that are opposing his ruling of Libya. Gaddafi is using this "new direct democracy" to justify his actions because he is claiming to defend the people choice in laws but really is just protecting himself from look like a dictator. This conflict needs to be solved to regain the tranquility and safety of Libya.