Monday, May 9, 2011

State of Emergency 2011

Education. "State Director of Finance Ana Matosantos said Friday that lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown also have to consider possible cost increases, such as in education, health care and prisons.

The Legislative Analyst's Office calculated that the state has received $2.5 billion more in personal income, corporate and sales taxes since the fiscal year started July 1 than projected."

Students say, this happens every year in California, and every year they find the money. I think this is it though. I think this will signal the days of larger classes, and fewer ancillary programs. What parents should know is that this absolutely will affect the quality of service and the individual attention teachers can give to students. The system is broken, and pulling funding will only force something new to be created. That may or may not be a good thing. One thing is for sure, the students will suffer and the teachers will suffer--certainly the employees losing their jobs will suffer.


  1. The educational system has been constantly losing money because of costs cuts and redistribution of funds. “We are living in a state of emergency,” said David A. Sanchez, president of the 325,000-member California Teachers Association. Teachers are being laid off from their jobs and school programs are being denied because there is simply not enough money to fund them. The people who suffer are everyone; the young generations aren't going to receive the education they need from the teachers and school programs, which would then effect their futures. Job loss would cause a higher unemployment rate and higher taxes to make up for those who can't pay. We cannot afford to have these budget cuts, "In the past three years, K-12 and higher education have been cut by more than $20 billion." Teachers have banded together to try and fight this matter, "Rallies will be held in 5 California cities on Friday, culminating in a march on the capitol and a potential occupation of the California Capitol." Hopefully this effort will be noticed by the government to show that education does matter the most and education is the power to a brighter future because then the younger generations will be skilled enough to compete in the real world of business.

  2. Clearly the education system is crumbling more and more every year. I am still amazed on how many things we still have like all the extra activities we have. But of course with the budget cuts everyone will reduced. Unfortunately many of the teachers in schools will be laid off but this will effect the most will be the schools that depend the states money to fund their activities. Our school is somewhat lucky because we have local taxes that help us a lot. In almost every school teachers are trying to put up a fight against these budget cuts. For example, in my school teachers did not open their doors for students so show how students should be grateful that teachers give up their lunch to help students and that is their own time they do not get paid for any of it. All we can hope is that the government will notice the peaceful protest against these budget cuts because it will effect the younger generation and effect their whole lives.

  3. It is upsetting to see the government continue to cut education. How do politicians expect this to effect our future? It doesn't make sense how we can't afford to keep class sizes down, yet our tax dollars are funding stupid projects like a pedestrian overpass on 101 less than a hundred yards from another overpass with a perfectly good sidewalk! Although reducing such projects would hardly make a dent in California's debt, it doesn't seem like cutting education is very productive either. However, it's greatly effecting the quality of our education. It's time for politicians to set their priorities straight and realize that cutting education should be the last resort.