Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Josh Corral -19 Year Old Warrior-

"A 19-year-old Marine from Danville was killed in Afghanistan Friday, according to a Danville city councilman, and his death represents the second Bay Area war casualty in as many days.
    Joshua Corral, a 2010 graduate of San Ramon Valley High School,  was killed in Afghanistan Friday afternoon, according to Councilman Mike  Doyle. The Department of Defense had not released notification of Corral's death as of this morning."

As a high school teacher, I understand too well this loss.  As a parent, I can only imagine the level of despair those parents and family members must be feeling.  As an American, I am proud of his patriotism; but at the same time sick to my stomach, because another promising young life has been lost.  Remembering all the other young ones, who have fought and died seems to happen every time a new service member's name gets released.  When I point out this loss to my own classes, and ask them for a reflection; many are in awe that someone so close to their age has died.  I hope more teens reflect on what a sacrifice the Corral family has made for the country and the Afghanistan War.

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