Friday, December 16, 2011

Zach Wahls- Excellent Teachers:Excellent Parents

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  1. I've seen this video before, and I love it. I just watched it again, and I'm so proud of this man for having the audacity to actually speak publicly to the Chairman about the reality of kids from same sex couples. Many people believe that children with same sex parents turn out "wrong" because they may not have a parent of their same gender to be their role model. The reality is, though, that the children turn out fine. They don't need a parent of their gender to survive. A boy can grow up to a smart and wonderful person whether he has 2 moms or a mom or a dad just as a girl can grow up fine whether she has 2 dads or a mom and dad. I like that Zach Wahls speaks about his family's struggles as well. This helps the people listening to view him as a normal man even though he grew up with two Moms. I love that he talks about how he's no different from anyone else and that the sense of family comes from the commitment the people make to each other and not from the government saying "Congratulations. You're married". I think Wahls makes a lot of really good points and gets his point across very well.