Sunday, September 30, 2012

Media and Fact Checking

"A Fars news editor said Friday that the outlet took the item off its English-language website once editors realized that The Onion wasn't a legitimate news organization.Without breaking from its farce, Onion Editor Will Tracy wrote in an e-mail that Fars is a subsidiary and has been "our Middle Eastern bureau since the mid 1980s, when the Onion's publisher, T. Herman Zweibel, founded Fars with the government approval of the late Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini."  
CNN news article

Oh my!  How embarrassing!!!!  An Iranian News source didn't quite understand the sarcasm of the Onion's Post, and reposted it AND claimed it as it's own.  Read about this, and respond.  How important is not only fact-checking, but researching the background of the source?


  1. The Gallup Poll stated that rural white Americans seem to like President Ahmadinejad over Obama.The poll explains that the Iranian president is more serious with issues at hand and is not taken lightly. All of this was believed to be said by the Americans. But this did not happen. The Onion has a somewhat serious tone and was believable to certain individuals. But this happened because they did not understand the humor. It is a common mistake made by foreigners.

  2. This mistake is somewhat comical but it is a real shame that someone could make an article on something so important like the presidents, and not check their facts. Many new comers to the journalism world tend to fall for the The Onions post but they should already have known to check their facts so that they wouldn't be left in embarrassment. It is essential to check your facts before you present something so your credibility won't be destroyed.

  3. The news from the onion is presented in a very realistic manner, although to us, it its clearly fake because of what it says. For someone less familiar with the language, it could be very difficult to differentiate this article from any other talking about presidential polls. Someone there must have been looking for American news about either their president or ours and found this. It was such a good statement to the country and its leader that they just have just loved to use it. The problem is that they used it as their own article and didn't give credit to any America writer for it. They said that they got the results of that survey which was then easy to figure out, as it was very untrue.

  4. The Fars News Agency published an article from The Onion. Most people in America know that the Onion is a comedic source. It is kind of like The Colbert Report or The Daily Show, only it's more outlandish and generally the opposite of the truth. Unfortunately, people from other countries, particularly countries who's first language is not English, do not understand the sarcasm in the articles posted by The Onion. Because of this, it is incredibly important that any site or person that wants to use The Onion as a source researches the background of The Onion and fact-checks. It's always important to look up information on a source you want to use because it may not be a credible source. If you get your information from a source that is inaccurate or unreliable, then whatever you put that information into will lose it's credibility. You should always make sure that the source from which you're getting your information is credible.

  5. My experience in journalism class showed me how valuable it is to keep facts up to date and specially in a matter of this sort. I also learned in my journalism class that if you do realize that you messed up at any facts you should send emails to your distributers to inform the public that you wrote something wrong and post a correction.
    However, the thing that concerned me in this artice is that the source was not acknowledged, even worse, made the article sound like it was original work. I believe that the credibility of the Iranian FAR NEWS COMPANY lowered which puts a bad impression towards middleastern protesters.
    I also believe that it is part of the Union fault because they should not include topics that have content that will provoke conflicts between two groups. For example, Obama and Mohammad mentioned together will cause alot of negative attention toward the us and can even give a negative impression of freddom of speech. In summary, the Iranians should of known better before entering an article that is not theirs as theirs and the Union should of been explicit that their article are pure flattery.

  6. It is EXTREMELY important to research a topic before publishing it for the world to see. When I watch the news I always notice that most of the time they have their facts right and the research is thoroughly done. If the news did not do this then I could never trust what they say. It is also good to research since If a person says something thats not true then they could get in a lot of trouble.