Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nutrition To Fight The Blues

Lots of students feel depressed for different reasons.  What if what you ate during the day could help you fight depression off?  Think about what you eat during the day.  Do you agree after watching this video that you should think twice before eating food that creates depression?  Explain why.

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  1. People might think that eating junk food or taking some drugs could help lift your depression and get your mood back to normal, but in the long run, it'll just do the complete opposite. I do think that eating healthier foods will help avoid depression mostly based off the information in the video but also because you wouldn't have to worry about any other problems you might have physically, for example. If you're depressed about your appearance and start eating comfort foods, you'll never get any better. People need to help themselves feel better, even if it takes a while. Instead of just trying to comfort yourself for a short amount of time, do something that will help you for a long time. It isn't easy eating vegetables and fruits during a hard time because you know there are more delicious and sugar-filled food out there that will make you feel slightly better. I do believe eating healthy food will brighten your mood and help your overall view on things.
    If you eat a bunch of bad food all day, you'll look back on what you ate later on in the day and start regretting things or feeling guilty. If you already have a lot of things going on with your life, don't make it more complicated by feeding yourself junk. Eating fruits and vegetables will help keep your mind focused on the important things.